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Whitepaper: Key Specifications, Ratings, and Applications of Industrial Inductors

Paper Overview

Industrial ratings present a challenge for inductors. This is because industrial-rated components need to have a wider operating temperature range, and they are expected to operate with a high level of reliability without incurring substantial additional costs. Due to the stringent requirements of industrial ratings, these inductors must be high quality and low cost.

This white paper from TAIYO YUDEN explores the key specifications, ratings, and applications of industrial inductors and discusses the importance and critical role they play in most electronic designs.

In this paper you will learn:

What makes the ideal inductorKey specifications of inductors in industrial applicationsThe unique benefits of TAIYO YUDEN industrial inductors

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Use Case 1: Ensure Maximum Uptime in Smart Meters

Paper Overview

Global energy consumption has experienced a sustained uptrend over the last few decades. Technological innovation, higher industrial production, rapid urbanization, and population growth are just a few of the many trends driving the need for more energy. According to the EIA, global energy demand now outpaces overall population growth.

As energy infrastructure becomes increasingly digitized, there is a need to accurately quantify energy supply and relay the information to consumers and administrators in real-time. In this use case from TAIYO YUDEN, you will learn how smart devices enable accurate energy metering and how supercapacitors ensure maximal uptime in today's smart meters.

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Use Case 2: Ensure Uninterrupted Power in Server Applications Devices

Paper Overview

In today’s hyper-connected world, transmitting and receiving information between different locations has become commonplace. The internet has provided access to unlimited streams of information accessible on mobile phones, personal computers, gaming consoles, wearables, and more. An annual report published by Cisco Systems predicts that about two-thirds of the global population will have internet connectivity by 2023.

In this use case from TAIYO YUDEN, you will learn about the role of servers in IT infrastructure, the need for uninterrupted power in data centers, and TAIYO YUDEN's power solutions for server applications.

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